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Michael Smyth

Technology Officer

Michael joined ENERCON in 2013 after working at Nextera Energy at their St. Luice and Turkey Point Nuclear Power Plants from 2011-2013.

With over 11 years of Mechanical Thermal Fluids and HVAC Experience, Mr. Smyth is currently serving as a Mechanical Engineering Supervisor in the ENERCON Nuclear Services Group.  He is a subject matter expert in the utilization of the standard design process and has applied it in a variety of engineering applications. His engineering project experience includes projects in both nuclear primary and secondary systems as well as equipment reliability and systems engineering applications. Mr. Smyth has led a variety of projects including Reactor Coolant Pump Seal Replacements, Fire Pump Replacements, and Cyber Security Upgrades. As an engineering supervisor, he leads a team of mechanical engineers and performs technical consultation and direction on mechanical thermal fluid and HVAC design and analysis applications. In this supervisor role he has overseen up to 18 engineers and has been responsible for budget, schedule and quality for his team’s work products.

Michael graduated with his Mechanical Engineering degree from Georgia Tech. He resides in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife, Amina, and their two children – George and Ruth. In his free time Michael enjoys golf, softball, and traveling.

2022 - 2024

Michael Smyth

NAYGN Board of Directors

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