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Ce’Nedra Darragh

Professional Development Officer

Ce’Nedra Darragh is the NAYGN Professional Development Officer who excels at developing the annual conference by utilizing a strong network, driven subcommittee, and her great organizational skills. She won the 2019 Individual Achievement Award due to her excellent leadership as a local chapter lead where she and her team created a learning atmosphere for members to remain engaged and ask questions to further their careers. Ce’Nedra was elected into this position in 2022 and is currently working towards scheduling monthly webinars to provide members the opportunity to grow professionally. Ce’Nedra believes that with an energized supportive team, anything is within reach. When she is not working her day job or with the non-profit, Ce’Nedra can be found snuggling with her two pups or on a beach somewhere!

2022 - 2024

Ce’Nedra Darragh

NAYGN Board of Directors

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